for interest: cygwin rpm on sourceforge

DJ Delorie
Sun Apr 1 20:27:00 GMT 2001

> > There's no reason why setup can't use RPM to install files, if someone
> > wants to add RPM support to setup.  A lot of people have been
> > complaining that RPM isn't supported, yet nobody has offered to do the
> > work.
> May be, I can do that work.  How can I contribute ?

The key things that would need to be done first are:

1. Port the RPM library to MinGW (setup isn't a cygwin app).

2. Teach setup to at least extract the files from the RPM (i.e. treat
   the RPM as a fancy tar.gz file).  Use the library from #1 for this.

That will at least let setup install RPMs, even if it doesn't keep an
RPM database.  The next steps would be to do the RPM database and
such, so that the cygwin-based RPM tools can interact nicely with what
setup installs.

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