for interest: cygwin rpm on sourceforge

Christopher Faylor
Sun Apr 1 21:04:00 GMT 2001

We have just had this discussion a week ago.  You should probably go back
and review the thread in the cygwin-apps archives.  The subject was
"setup wishes -- any volunteers".


On Mon, Apr 02, 2001 at 10:55:43AM +0700, Anon Sricharoenchai wrote:
>> The key things that would need to be done first are:
>> 1. Port the RPM library to MinGW (setup isn't a cygwin app).
>Why don't make setup a cygwin app ?
>Anyway, even though setup isn't a cygwin app, it can make call to rpm.exe
>(which is a cygwin app) to install RPMs.
>> 2. Teach setup to at least extract the files from the RPM (i.e. treat
>>    the RPM as a fancy tar.gz file).  Use the library from #1 for this.
>> That will at least let setup install RPMs, even if it doesn't keep an
>> RPM database.  The next steps would be to do the RPM database and
>> such, so that the cygwin-based RPM tools can interact nicely with what
>> setup installs.

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