Bruce Korb
Mon Apr 9 11:27:00 GMT 2001

Alex Brown wrote:
> Hello Bruce -
> I've had some success in applying Autogen 5 to the network management
> code generation problems I've mentioned, but unfortunately the tool
> needs to be built for Win32.   Autogen itself is not a problem, but I
> have tried to compile Guile in Win2K using the Cygnus cygwin tools,
> using the autoconf-configure-generated Makefile -- and amazingly enough
> it did build after a couple of environment and header file related
> problems were past.  However, there are apparently some remaining
> problems, esp. in scripts, due to the cygwin way of using path
> separators and switch indicators -- script execution gets badly
> confused.
> Have you built Guile and/or Autogen 5 for Win32?  Any ideas of anyone
> else whom I might contact on this?

Hi Alex,

I would like to get this resolved so I can put up a "how to" page
on my site.  I know Gary V. Vaughn got version 4.x up, but it did
not use Guile.  That *is* the sticking point.  I am forwarding this
to him and the Guile and CygWin lists to see if anyone has experience.
You're not the first, but I don't use Windows (much) and I haven't
heard the details of the one rumored success.


P.S. If you would be kind enough to let me know what tweaks
     you needed to apply to build AutoGen under CygWin, I
     would appreciate.  Thanks!

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