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Robert Collins
Mon Apr 23 20:13:00 GMT 2001

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> At 10:13 PM 4/23/01, you wrote:
> >This makes much more sense. I suggest you do look at cygwins pty
> >implementation. I know that you are working a level deeper 
> than cygwin
> >does... but it might be instructive (as the cygwin telnet server and
> >sshd server do work :] ).
> >
> >Rob
> Can you run win32 console apps from the cygwin sshd?  If so, 
> I'd sure like 

Like net.exe? I believe a fix for the output of net.exe was committed
recently. I don't have a handy URL though, So I'll cross post this to and hopefully you'll get an authoritative answer

> to know how.  If not, then yea, I can see cygwin kludging pty 
> support from 
> one cygwin app to another.  The only way I can possibly see 
> for a process 
> to monitor the output to a console in win32 is to 
> periodically poll the 
> frame buffer with ReadConsoleOutput(), as I said before... but that's 
> inefficient, and complicated, not to mention that it assumes 
> that the app 
> does not create a new frame buffer and use that.
> As a test, maybe you could try running our notevil.exe from 
> the rosapps 
> module in an ssh session.

I don't actually have sshd running on my machines... but it's relatively
easy to setup - why not grab it and see :]


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