stacksize setting in tcl/win/ in gdb src

Danny Smith
Mon Apr 30 03:20:00 GMT 2001

In tcl/win/ in gdb CVS src there is following at line 475:

	$(CC) $(linkdebug) $(conlflags) -Wl,--stack=0x2300000 \
		-o $@ $(conlibsdll) $(TCLSHOBJS) tclshres.$(OBJEXT) $(TCLLIB)

The stacksize is inconsistent with that used in which is 2300000
*but* vc uses decimal notation (unless prefixed with 0x).  It is also
inconsistent with that used in makefile.bc (1f0001), which presumably uses hex
by default.

When building and testing tcl8.3.3 under mingw I ran into similar problem
(using Mumit's diff for 8.3).  The socket.test would hang with stack=0x2300000 
but worked fine when  I changed stacksize to something more reasonable (for my
machine at least) ie. 0x231860.  

And that triggers a question which I will raise also in binutils list:
Why is default reserved stacksize set so high (0x02000000) by ld in pe.em?


PS I would report this to tcl also, but new logon registrations are disabled
during their move to new host.

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