[RFA] pei386 dll: auto-import patch

DJ Delorie dj@delorie.com
Thu Aug 2 11:36:00 GMT 2001

> Okay, new binaries and source tarball (plus the patch, ChangeLog, TODO 
> list, etc) are at:
> http://www.neuro.gatech.edu/users/cwilson/cygutils/robert-collins/latest/binutils/

+         /* If we haven't found very symbol, let's look for its
+            import thunk */

Might want to check the text of this - found very symbol?

Otherwise, approved.  Please run a "make check" for gas/ld/binutils (cygwin+linux
preferred) before and after applying, to make sure it doesn't break
anything subtle.  Thanks!

Also don't forget to change the dates in the ChangeLog ;-)

> This version supersedes the one I posted late last night, and includes 
> all suggestions so far from DJ (including the non-float math above) and 
> has been (minimally) tested by me.  Open issues (other than more 
> thorough testing) are:
>    make data_import_dll static?
>      No, used in both pe.em and pe-dll.c
>      I suppose we could rename it pe_data_import_dll.

If you wish to rename it, consider that approved as well.

>    Ralf's bug report.  My intuition sez this is
>      related to the data_import_dll thing.
>      http://sources.redhat.com/ml/binutils/2001-06/msg00742.html

This can be addressed separately after the current patch is committed,
but please do not forget about it once this patch is in!

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