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Robert Collins
Fri Aug 3 19:35:00 GMT 2001

On 04 Aug 2001 09:36:35 +1000, Danny Smith wrote:
>  > 
> > 3. Danny Smith reports an esoteric problem:
> >     "I am still having some (sorry, one very specific) problem
> >     with C++ and auto-import.  It is with cerr, cin, cout in
> >     the STLport of the SGI iostream lib.  These are initialised
> >     before main.  When building dll with auto-export and using
> >     auto-import to link (no dllimport attributes), I get
> >     successful link, but runtime failure of app at initialisation
> >     (before main). When building dll with --export-all, but
> >     marking DATA with dllimport when compiling client, I get
> >     successful link and run."
> > 
> In the event, the problem I reported with STLPort probably has nothing
> to do with dllimport/dllexport attributes.  Instead, I think it stems
> from differences in the way basic_[io]stream::sentry is constructed in
> dll vs static lib in this implemntation. In dll, sentry is typedef
> (within scope of surronding stream class) for standalone separate
> class, in static lib sentry is an inner class, defined within the basic
> stream classes. Another difference between dynamic linking and static
> linking revolves around what is exposed in the header: with DLL linkage
> cannot expose the "general" template definitions of helper templates,
> unless explicitly declare each and every  char and wchar_t  that does
> reside in the dll as a specialisation.
> If I use the static lib class definitions and --export-all to build the
> lib, but the dll class definitions (sans __attribute__(dllimport)) 
> when building the client and --enable-auto-import, I get no errors with
> dll-dependent test app.  

--export-all should NOT be used with --auto-export. They have different

--export-all is used to get _every_ symbol exported, and then filtered -
as the current cvs libtool does, using dlltool. 

--auto-export provides aliases exports for data symbols allowing
--auto-import to work.

I don't know why --export-all keeps comingup in these auto-import
discussions - BUT IT SHOULDN'T.

WARNING: --export-all will export data symbols without aliasing AFAICT,
so things will link, BUT NOT RUN.

> I still don't understand the logic completely, but I cannot get
> iostreams to initialise properly, using DLL,  with  [io]stream::sentry
> defined as inner class by client app, regardless of the dllimport
> attribute markings.

My guess is that it's the use of --export-all that is causing you


> There is a caveat here somewhere about C++ dlls. One of them being not
> to let DS lose around templates.
> Danny
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