auto-import STATUS

Charles Wilson
Fri Aug 3 20:51:00 GMT 2001

You know, I think the problem here is terminology.

1) auto_export()
   A function that is called in certain circumstances (detailed in 
earlier message) that REMOVES "banned" symbols from the export list.

2) auto-import support when creating DLL's
   When creating a DLL, add special thunking symbols for DATA exports 
that can be used by the auto-import function LATER --- when you're 
linking a client app.  (Although it appears that these thunking symbols 
must be added for ALL exports, not just DATA exports.  It's just that 
they are only *needed* for DATA items).
   I think this it what Rob is thinking of when he says "--auto-export" 
(which doesn't really exist).

3) --enable-auto-import
   When linking a client app to a DLL, attempt to use the thunking 
symbols (if present).  Note that this only has any effect for DATA items 
that are exported (thunked) by the DLL.  We "always" have allowed 
'auto-import' of *functions* that are exported by the DLL (as long as 
the DLL contains the appropriate symbols).

We need a good name for 2).  And the auto_export() function should 
probably be renamed, since it is current a cause for confusion. 
"filter_export_list()" ?  :->


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