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Danny Smith
Sat Aug 4 13:42:00 GMT 2001

 --- Charles Wilson <> wrote: > Danny Smith
> Okay, I only VAUGELY remember this, but....
> Forget for a moment the recent auto-import improvements.  Think plain
> old-fashioned DLL support, requiring declspec(dll[ex|im]port)
> markings 
> on data.
> Wasn't there some discussion many months ago about ld and C++ DLL's, 
> something about needing to explicitly mark data fields within classes
> as 
> declspec(), EVEN when the class ITSELF is marked declspec() ?
> Now, perhaps that got fixed.  Perhaps it didn't.  But, since an inner
> class is probably implemented as a field OF the enclosing class,
> maybe 
> Danny's problem is related?  (a) the old problem never got fixed, and
> is 
> rearing its head here, or (b) the old problem got fixed -- but only 
> partially and the fix needs to be extended to cover the "inner class"
> case.  Or I'm just blowing smoke.
> Does anybody remember this?
> Now, returning to the new auto-import case:
> So, perhaps the logic that adds thunking symbols for DATA exports in 
> DLLs needs to be re-examined, to make sure it covers these special 
> cases, esp. "static" fields of classes, and inner classes, (and
> "static" 
> fields OF inner classes...)

I don't think that's it, ether, but I'll work up some test cases to

Here is a problem that doesn't work with old method and has been
reported to mingw list recently.

> class DLLIMPORT DllClass{
> public:
>   DllClass (){}
>   ~DllClass (){}
>   static DllClass static_class;
> };

DllClass::static_class gets exported. Howvere, when building client
code, GCC complains about inconsistent dll linkage and as per usual
rule dllexport wins over dllimport for DllClass::static_class.  All
that when using DLLIMPORT.  I am currently testing a one line-change in
gcc/config/i386/winnt.c that fixes (but may break other things).  

But, when using --enable-auto-import without DLLIMPORT, the recursion
works, just at it does with static libs.

Attached example.


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