Some words for binutils announcement?

David Starks-Browning
Sun Aug 5 01:40:00 GMT 2001

These can go in the package doc file, right?  Or should they go in
the main FAQ?


> Expected FAQs:
> Q: "I can't link to -lfoo.  I get "symbol _nm_* undefined"  
> A: "you need to recompile libfoo, or change your source code 
> to use __declspec(dllimport). (You're trying to "auto-import"
> from a library that was built by an old ld.  Either fix your
> source code so you don't need to "auto-import", or recompile
> the library with a new ld).  BTW, the original porter of 
> libfoo probably fixed the libfoo include headers to do the
> __declspec() definitions correctly for you; did you forget 
> to -Ddefine something?  Read the porter's notes for libfoo."
> Q: Now that we don't need to worry about compile-time
> flags to indicate static linking or dllexport or dllimport,
> doesn't that mean that we can use libtool to build
> shared libraries (DLLs) just like every other Unixish 
> platform?
> A: Theoretically, yes. But this requires a lot of updates to
> the autotools (automake, autoconf, libtool) and then each
> package should be "re-tooled" to use these updated scripts.
> That's a long term process, but is beginning.  In fact,
> one of the prerequisites is to update autoconf to version
> 2.52; Cygwin's autotools was updated to that version just
> a week before this binutils was released.  Be patient.

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