first shot perl

Charles Wilson
Mon Aug 20 23:38:00 GMT 2001

Oh yeah -- if you're going to maintain perl for cygwin, be sure to keep 
the "MANIFEST" section of the perlcygwin (README.cygwin) document 
up-to-date (probably nothin' new here right now, but later on...)

Also, in that same document, references to Sergey's coolview DLL 
('mixed') should be removed.  And cygwin's install program understands 
.exe files, no need to mention the script anymore.

On 25 June 2001, Eric sent me off-list mail stating (among other things):

"I have some work to the perl package that I've been meaning to upload"

I don't know any more details, and obviously the "upload" never 
happened.  You probably ought to contact him (if possible) and find out 
what patches he had cooking.  It seems pretty obvious that the recent 
changes in his life have made it difficult for him to actively maintain 
perl; he probably won't object to you taking over.

Contact me off-list for his new email address (I'm not sure he wants 
this one available to the spam-bots so I don't want to post it here)


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