first shot perl

Gerrit P. Haase
Tue Aug 21 04:33:00 GMT 2001

>References: < 3B81D599.5746.BDC355F@localhost >
>Very nice.  I too am confused with the cgywin-multi.  Did you build 
>using --with-multiplicity -- could that be it?  (If multiplicity is the 
>reason for the cygwin-multi dir but you did not explicitly specify it, 
>it's possible that multiplicity is now the default?)

Seems to be a problem with the timestamp-trick that Eric used, maybe
i used it wrong.

>(From perldoc perlcygwin):
>Multiplicity is required when embedding perl in a C program and using 
>more than one interpreter instance.  This works with the cygwin port."
>BTW, you have to manually munge the /usr/bin/ld2 file, or end-users 
>won't be able to build their own XC packages (mailer probably wrapped 
>the second '-' line)

That should be done be my build script, too, i will check this before 
releasing the patched source.

>--- ld2 Mon Aug 20 20:05:18 2001
>+++ /usr/bin/ld2        Thu Dec 21 16:50:28 2000


>> I got one test failure with the op/groups.test:
>> ===================
>> Failed Test Status Wstat Total Fail  Failed  List of Failed
>> ----------------------------------------------------------------------
>> op/groups.t	               2    1  50.00%  1
>> 8 tests and 94 subtests skipped.
>> Failed 1/275 test scripts, 99.64% okay. 1/12830 subtests failed, 99.99% 
>Hmmm....this sounds familiar.  Check the archives, I think there's an 
>obvious explanation for this but I can't remember it right now.

With the two different checks for groups from this test i get two
different lists, one with Administrator, one without.

>Finally, every now and again an interesting perl bug report (e.g. 
>*actual details* !!! on the textmode/binmode thing) comes across the 
>cygwin mailing list.  I've filed those away on occasion, and can send 
>you an mbox-format archive of "perl-pending" issues, if you're 

That would be great.

>I don't guarantee that I've saved EVERY bug report, but it 
>could be a place to start.  there are 9 or 10 post-5.6.1 threads. 

Doesn't matter, most of them should be in the archives, too?



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