perl-5.6.1-gph-3.tar.gz uploaded

Charles Wilson
Wed Aug 22 09:04:00 GMT 2001

Gerrit P. Haase wrote:

> Source & Binaries are up now:
> I added the patch list to the README and at my website i published
> my buildlog, too.
> Now the whole Bundle::CPAN is in plus MIME-Base64-2.12.
> Only module which is missing and also is used by CPAN is HTTP::Date,
> which comes with libwww which i wasn't able to install together
> with friends due to 'tar' problems with HTML::HeadParser, though it 
> built clean at my workststation, using CPAN-module for testing.

This looks like a packaging problem at CPAN.  I got the same problems a 
few weeks ago with Eric's perl package.  using cpan shell, I couldn't 
build libwww; download and build by hand worked fine.

Don't worry about it.

> I hope that there are no more errors now, besides the fact that
> there are quite sure some bugs in perl...

Comparing your patchlist (which shows the maint-5.6/perl branch changes) 
and the HEAD patchlist (which shows BOTH maint-5.6/perl and perl 
changes), I see that some cygwin patches only went into the HEAD branch. 
  This is probably an oversight by the perl5-porters.

If you can, it would be nice to get those (and only those) patches from 
the main devel tree.  (But I'd rather have a newish perl NOW and wait 
for these "fixes".) We need look at these "missed" patches and evaluate 
whether to:

a) ignore 'em?
b) apply 'em to "our" version but keep quiet
c) apply 'em to "our" version, and push perl5-porters to also apply 'em 
to the maint-5.6 branch
d) release what you've got now, but also push perl5-porters to apply the 
patches to maint-5.6. Once they do so, update "our" version.

Which of these options you choose depends on how serious the patches 
are; and you can certainly choose different options for each patch. 
But, first we gotta see *what* those patches are, not just the Changes 
summary (which I have attached -- edited so that only those patches 
which contain the word [Cygwin] appear).

Neil, it looks like a good many of your patches DID only make it onto 
the mainline branch, not the 5.6 maintperl branch.  (But it's possible 
my perusal of the changes file missed one of gsar's 
mega-merge/backports.  This is going to take some work -- getting the 
patches themselves, checking the maintperl code by hand to see if they 
were applied...yuck.

I lean toward releasing gph's -3 perl now, and doing this stuff after.


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