perl-5.6.1-gph-3.tar.gz uploaded

Gerrit P. Haase
Wed Aug 22 16:49:00 GMT 2001

Charles Wilson schrieb am 2001-08-22, 12:04:

>Gerrit P. Haase wrote:
>> Source & Binaries are up now:
>> I added the patch list to the README and at my website i published
>> my buildlog, too.
>> Now the whole Bundle::CPAN is in plus MIME-Base64-2.12.
>> Only module which is missing and also is used by CPAN is HTTP::Date,
>> which comes with libwww which i wasn't able to install together
>> with friends due to 'tar' problems with HTML::HeadParser, though it 
>> built clean at my workststation, using CPAN-module for testing.
>This looks like a packaging problem at CPAN.  I got the same problems a 
>few weeks ago with Eric's perl package.  using cpan shell, I couldn't 
>build libwww; download and build by hand worked fine.
>Don't worry about it.

For me i doesn't work manually, too.

>> I hope that there are no more errors now, besides the fact that
>> there are quite sure some bugs in perl...
>Comparing your patchlist (which shows the maint-5.6/perl branch changes) 
>and the HEAD patchlist (which shows BOTH maint-5.6/perl and perl 
>changes), I see that some cygwin patches only went into the HEAD branch. 
>  This is probably an oversight by the perl5-porters.

Not all the stuff leading to perl-5.8 is relevant for perl-5.6.

>If you can, it would be nice to get those (and only those) patches from 
>the main devel tree.  (But I'd rather have a newish perl NOW and wait 
>for these "fixes".) We need look at these "missed" patches and evaluate 
>whether to:
>a) ignore 'em?
>b) apply 'em to "our" version but keep quiet
>c) apply 'em to "our" version, and push perl5-porters to also apply 'em 
>to the maint-5.6 branch
>d) release what you've got now, but also push perl5-porters to apply the 
>patches to maint-5.6. Once they do so, update "our" version.

I think d) is the 'standard' way, but since perl on cygwin is unique
it should be no problem to include some specific changes.

>Which of these options you choose depends on how serious the patches 
>are; and you can certainly choose different options for each patch. 
>But, first we gotta see *what* those patches are, not just the Changes 
>summary (which I have attached -- edited so that only those patches 
>which contain the word [Cygwin] appear).

Fine, i'll take a look now.

>Neil, it looks like a good many of your patches DID only make it onto 
>the mainline branch, not the 5.6 maintperl branch.  (But it's possible 
>my perusal of the changes file missed one of gsar's 
>mega-merge/backports.  This is going to take some work -- getting the 
>patches themselves, checking the maintperl code by hand to see if they 
>were applied...yuck.
>I lean toward releasing gph's -3 perl now, and doing this stuff after.

It should be up.



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