perl with automode

Gerrit P. Haase
Sun Aug 26 13:31:00 GMT 2001

Charles wrote:
>Maybe Chris' chomp() suggestion is the right thing.

However, i built a perl with automode linked in.  I think
this chomp() problem, if there is one, is an additional one,
say a second bug.  But i've never heard of a chomp() bug;)

The first is, i want perl to write back to files like i read
them in, textmode, binmode, textmount, binmount, that should
make no difference if i try to read in a file in memory,
close it and write back to another file, there should be no
additional CR or LF all the time (as it happens if i am on a
text mount).
For doing this, i don't want to use chomp().

Please get a copy and try if it works, i've tested not that
much, so this is an EXPERIMENTAL release.



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