Package maintainer release procedures

Charles S. Wilson
Fri Jul 6 18:11:00 GMT 2001

Dario Alcocer wrote:

>>>>>>"Jerome" == Jerome BENOIT <> writes:
>     Jerome> Bonjour:
>     Jerome> "How do I contribute a package" link in the FAQ:
>     Jerome>
>     Jerome> Follow the link and you shall get what you want.
> Hmm, well, the link talks about *packaging*, not package submision :-)
> I already read the link from the FAQ you're refering to; I've packaged
> up the binary and source tar balls following exactly this procedure.
> Now, what I need to know is how to *upload* (not package) these files
> to the mirrors.

There are two ways:

1) some contributors have login accounts on sourceware and upload new 
packages themselves.  The decision to grant such access is solely the 
responsibility of the Red Hat management folks.

2) I have also seen cgf specifically request that a contributor mail the 
files to him, and he has placed them on sourceware.  (Don't just spam 
him with unsolicited tarballs, though -- wait for a request)

> Regarding the anouncement, I was planning on just sending to
> cygwin-announce (and letting the moderator approve/reject my
> announcement) but I wanted to know what the "approved" procedure was
> before I did anything.

That's the typical method -- just send your announcement to 
cygwin-announce, and the moderator will handle it from there. Use a 
recent announcement as a model for the "boilerplate" stuff.

As far as composition, some contributors are fairly sparse, leaving 
documentation to the README files; others (like me) prefer to put lots 
of info in the announcement to cut down on mailing list traffic from 
those who will read the ann. but not the README.  (I think "my side" has 
been winning points lately vis a vis the "cron" package...)


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