Package maintainer release procedures

Charles S. Wilson
Fri Jul 6 22:00:00 GMT 2001

Christopher Faylor wrote:

>>2) I have also seen cgf specifically request that a contributor mail the 
>>files to him, and he has placed them on sourceware.  (Don't just spam 
>>him with unsolicited tarballs, though -- wait for a request)
> Right.  If you give me a URL so that I can download your tar balls, I will
> do that.

I've already uploaded them to sourceware -- they're in ~cwilson.  I 
checked them out -- they look okay to me.  I converted them from .gz to 
.bz2 to save ~1.2M on download, and I also noticed that the gs.exe 
binary was not stripped.

However, when I unpacked and stripped the gs.exe, it didn't really 
shrink the binary size enough to justify "re-owning" all the files in 
the tarballs as "cwilson" vs. "alcocer".  So, I didn't adjust that.

> Otherwise send them to me, one per email message, binary and source.  I want
> to make sure that the installation "conforms" to our loose standards.

Since you expressed this interest, I didn't put the tarballs into 
contrib/ghostscript.  Go ahead and take a look yourself, and then move 
'em over after.

> Until I set up some kind of cgi script for submitting these things, I
> think that I would like to be the funnel for these requests for the time
> being.  Although any cygwin developer can substitute in a pinch.


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