resedit CVS module created

Robert Collins
Tue Jul 10 00:23:00 GMT 2001

I've created a new module "resedit" on the cvs repository. 

Thanks for the space Chris!

It contains version 0.1 of resedit, a GPL'd win32 rc file editor. At
this point in time it can parse an rc file and display a tree view of
the found resources. The next step is to extend the original binutils
code to allow writing a valid .rc file, and then we are onto actual

Anyone who wishes to is welcome to join in. As usual for open
development projects, those dallying will need to send in patches, those
interested in actively developing the code can get write access.

Whilst this is a low priority for me, I'm aiming to hit milestones every
month or so, just to keep things moving along.


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