resedit CVS module created

Christopher Faylor
Wed Jul 11 09:30:00 GMT 2001

Robert has pointed out to me in private email that there is an
annoying problem with this repository.  I meant to fix it before
I left on vacation but I forgot.

If you check something into the cygwin-apps repository, you'll
get a usage message from the qmail system on

The reason for this is that cvs expects that there is a 'cygwin-apps-cvs'
mailing list for checkin notifications.  There isn't.  So, you will
get an error on each commit.

I apologize for the inconvenience.  I'll fix it when I return.


On Tue, Jul 10, 2001 at 05:13:36PM +1000, Robert Collins wrote:
>I've created a new module "resedit" on the
> cvs repository. 
>Thanks for the space Chris!
>It contains version 0.1 of resedit, a GPL'd win32 rc file editor. At
>this point in time it can parse an rc file and display a tree view of
>the found resources. The next step is to extend the original binutils
>code to allow writing a valid .rc file, and then we are onto actual
>Anyone who wishes to is welcome to join in. As usual for open
>development projects, those dallying will need to send in patches, those
>interested in actively developing the code can get write access.
>Whilst this is a low priority for me, I'm aiming to hit milestones every
>month or so, just to keep things moving along.

--                        Red Hat, Inc.  

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