Proposed RPM Installer Design

Borsenkow Andrej
Mon Jul 30 05:21:00 GMT 2001

Quoting the design document:

- The user can manually shutdown the running Cygwin applications, and after
doing so, can retry the installation.

- The user can have the launcher automatically shutdown the running Cygwin
applications, which will result in cygwin1.dll being unloaded from memory.
[***NOTE*** The best way to shutdown the apps would be to send them a SIGHUP
first, waiting for a few seconds, and then sending them a SIGTERM, mimicking
the way Unix shuts down. However, this would require dynamically loading the
Cygwin DLL and calling signal(). I don't know if this is actually possible.]

- The user can terminate the installation.

What about services? You have at least two problems here:

- normal user usually cannot stop service. This is part of more general
problem - assuming that the original installation was done as administrator
(a must for system-wide installation) can installer detect if normal user
tries to run it? It may result in partial and thus broken installation. OTOH
it is pretty possible for several users to have private Cygwin

- is it enough to just kill service process? Won't it be interpreted by
Windows as service failed (probably yes)? On Unix it is done as part of RPM
pre/post script (service stop inetd/service start inetd), but we are trapped
on Windows as the above should happen before RPM runs. I do not see easy
solution here.


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