libreadline.dll.a missing functions.

Charles S. Wilson
Sat Jun 2 23:10:00 GMT 2001

Earnie Boyd wrote:
> I was testing configurations of bash-2.04 and decided to try the
> cygreadline.dll.  After ensuring that the make wasn't going to be using
> bashes included lib/readline and changing the -lreadline to
> -lreadline.dll I receive notice that some of the functions aren't
> defined.  One such is _rl_set_screen_size.  I find it in the static
> version but not the /bin/cygreadline.dll nor it's accompanying import
> library.

Hopefully this problem has been corrected in the readline-4.2-1 package
released today. (At least, the functions which were previously private
have been declared in readline.h (e.g. made public) and are now exported
from the dll.  (Chet did this within the official readline sources; they
are not cygwin-specific changes).

Earnie, can you try to build a recent bash --with-installed-readline ?


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