rsync package ready

David Starks-Browning
Tue Jun 12 04:36:00 GMT 2001

On Tuesday 12 Jun 01, Lapo Luchini writes:
> I'm no rsync big expert right now (the "port" was OOB), but I plan to be
> (to correct also that spurious error message).

You should probably subscribe to the rsync list if you're going to be
the Cygwin rsync maintainer.  My impression, from that list, is that
the read errors happen often, to a lot of people, on different
platforms, and have nothing to do with Cygwin.

I'm concerned about the growth of a "full" Cygwin install (which is
the only type of install we "support", remember) and so I'm not sure
why applications that already build OOTB should go into setup.  I'm
also concerned about the burden on the cygwin list of rsync read error

That said, I use rsync on Cygwin all the time, and it's a darn useful
thing to have.  So it's hard to say that it doesn't belong.


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