rsync package ready

Earnie Boyd
Tue Jun 12 13:23:00 GMT 2001

"S. Cowles" wrote:
> I've still got significant problems with rsync under Cygwin.  I, too,
> had no problem building the 2.4.6 source out of the box; but have
> never gotten a successful invocation.  The following example is
> typical of every trial I've run.  Is this a common problem?
> I have now used the binaries from my own fresh build, the latest one
> announced by Lapo Luchini, and another by Gerrit Peter Haase.  I'm
> running cygwin 1.3.2-1 (up to date) under win2k, sp2.
> Thanks,
> 10:01:12 [766] BUBO5:usr/bin% r .
> ./rsync.exe ~/tmp/a ~/tmp/b
> skipping directory //h/scowles/tmp/a
> read error: Connection reset by peer

You have an invalid HOME environment variable.  //h to reference H:\ in
the next release will not work.  //h will reference a server named h in
the next release.  This invocation of //h could also cause problems with
rsync and these problems are the reason //h to reference H:\ is
deprecated and to be removed.  Change your HOME variable to
/cygdrive/h/scowles instead.  There are other ways to do this but you'll
need to search the archives if you need suggestions.


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