accept() failed message on kde 1.1.2 ??

egor duda
Fri Jun 15 02:45:00 GMT 2001


Friday, 15 June, 2001 Corinna Vinschen wrote:

>> > > However, a strace containing a failing accept() would perhaps help.
>> >
>> > Ralf, should be able to send a strace directly to you.
>> > Ralf please do not post strace files to the list :-)
>> >
>> I will try, but the difficulty is that on stracing the error does not
>> occure. I will analyze it in more detail ...

CV> The problem is that we can't see any reason why accept fails.
CV> If it's in fact the Winsock call, we would at least need a
CV> Winsock error code. If it's Egor's additional code we would
CV> see an appropriate message in the strace.

i suppose it may be some kind of race. strace slows program and timing
issues may disappear if program is run under strace.
Ralf, have you tried '-b 65000' option to strace? it adds additional
buffering and speeds things up in some extent. some problems that
disappear when you run a program under strace without this option,
appear back when you add '-b 65000' to strace parameters.

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