ask for delivering kde 1.1.2

Ralf Habacker
Wed Jun 20 04:41:00 GMT 2001


I think some of you you have already noticed, that the socket problem in
relating to kde 1.1.2 was found and that Egor has send me a patch for this.

I have applied this patch and it seems to work. Thank egor for providing

But now I have a question concerning the pending kde beta release. How do I
distribute this patched cygwin. Do we 1) should build an building an
experimental version of cygwin (perhaps a modified 1.3.2-1 release) and to
distribute it with the cygwin setup or 2) should this be integrated in the
next regular cygwin release ?

For 2) I think there is additional work needed to make this release stable,
as I recognized several problem with the recent cvs version (yesterday)

1. libc uses a symbol _cygwin_istext_for_stdio, which was not exported by
cygwin (cygwin.din)

2. I can't debug kde apps. On starting the app in the debugger an unexpected
exception ocurres.
   This does't happens in cygwin 1.3.2.-1.

3. I have created scripts for short calling windows apps in the background
      # call visual c++
      /cygdrive/c/programme..../msvc.exe `cygpath -aw $1` &

   The "sending in background" doesn't work.

   In cygwin 1.3.2-1 I have called

        vc xyz.c

   with this snapshot I have to call

       vc xyz.c &

   for the first time.

I think using this snapshot for building a new release will cause additional
support problems, so I prefer using an experimental cygwin release for kde.

Does someone have any suggestions ?


Ralf Habacker

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