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FlightGear compiles out of the box with Cygwin

Norman Vine

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FlightGear version 0.7.7 (source code release) is now available for

FlightGear is a free, open-source flight simulator project.  Source
code is licensed under the GPL.

There is a new 0.7.7 version of the base package that corresponds with
this new release.  You must have this new base package to go along
with the 0.7.7 source code.

Other prerequisites:

  - You must have SimGear-0.0.15 (www.simgear.org) in order to build
    this most recent release of FlightGear.

  - You must have a version of plib (plib.sf.net) installed before
    building both SimGear and FlightGear.  Plib-1.2.0 will work, but
    we *strongly* recommend that you upgrade to plib-1.4.0 (scheduled
    for release 6/21/2001) to take advantage of it's increased
    robustness, rich set of 3d file loaders, as well as many other
    tweaks, additions, and improvements.

For more information on the FlightGear project, please visit the
Flight Gear web page at:


Curtis Olson   Human Factors Research Lab       FlightGear Project
Twin Cities    curt@hfrl.umn.edu                curt@flightgear.org
Minnesota      http://www.menet.umn.edu/~curt   http://www.flightgear.org

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