Wishlist & TODO's for setup.exe

Gareth Pearce tilps@hotmail.com
Fri Nov 2 10:51:00 GMT 2001

You forgot - Clean code to Keep instead of Skip for installed pakages of
version not in setup.ini.
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From: "Robert Collins" <robert.collins@itdomain.com.au>
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Subject: Wishlist & TODO's for setup.exe

> Ok,
> over the last week, there have been quite a few wishs' expressed about
> setup.exe.
> I'm not interested in implementing them all myself, and some are non
> trivial given the current state.
> I'm not terribly interested in maintaining a web page listing all the
> 'wanted' features - but I'm happy to do so if there would be folk
> hacking as a result of such a page existing (and being kept up to date
> :]).
> Anyone who wants to help, is welcome to join in. New work is going onto
> HEAD only (IOW, it's not being backported to the current live setup, or
> the now in maintenance mode categories setup.) For major tasks if you
> have write access at sources.redhat.com, a CVS branch may be
> preferrable. If you don't have write access and want to work on
> something major.... have a chat to Chris on this list.
> Lastly, I expect HEAD to get broken from time to time, and as the live
> setup on cygwin.com should never be the HEAD branch, that's ok, but I'd
> like to see no more than a month go by without everything being stable
> enough that any new features can be tagged and put onto cygwin.com.
> If I've missed anything in the lists below, please let me know.
> Rob
> The current items I have recorded are:
> * Src tickbox /source only can be confusing.
> * file magic detection.
> * support rpm/deb files for reading the package from. (To allow the
> maintainers the use of rpm/deb tools to create packages.)
> * make a librar(y|ies) for setup and cygcheck to use containing
> 1) Something to translate POSIX -> native.  Currently called "cygpath"
>    in setup, although this is probably a bad choice of name.
> 2) Something to return the list of installed packages.
> 3) Something to return the cygwin mount table.  Currently, I have
> implemented
>    a lightweight setmntent and getmntent using the code in
> 4) Something to parse a tar file name into package/version or
> altenatively,
>    return that information from 2)
> 5) Something to return a list of files associated with a package.
> * Mouse wheel support broken/missing for *some* users.
> * When in category view, and changing from prev->normal->exp the
> categories get collapsed This is non-intuitive.
> * mirrors.lst to be copied to setup.ini and cached locally. Then the
> master mirrors list is reserved for bootstrapping.
> * clicking on a package that is in multiple categories should update the
> view of the package in both locations on screen.
> * view button is not clear at first view. (the dotted highlight).
> * remember the view mode - ie if you leave setup in partial, it returns
> to partial automatically.
> * new view - "action / category / package"
> * Downloading from the internet should allow redownloading already
> present files. (This happens via the reinstall/redo already - perhaps
> this is "done".)
> * Downloading from the internet should be _able_ to list based on what
> is present in the cache, as opposed to what is installed. (To help
> building a complete install set for a different machine).
> * new view - show installed packages only. Probably not categorised.
> * multiple mirror support, with setup.ini from each merged
> automagically.
> recently completed
> * installed packages aren't automatically upgraded.
> * Dependencies should not trigger alterations to user actions for
> installed packages that have any action other than uninstall.
> * Wide descriptions can get truncated - ie SSMTP
> * SKIP and KEEP sometimes appearing for the same package.
> * Set the screen size for 640x480 users
> * View mdoe caption on the right hand of the screen

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