Wishlist & TODO's for setup.exe

Charles Wilson cwilson@ece.gatech.edu
Fri Nov 2 10:53:00 GMT 2001

Robert Collins wrote:

> Anyone who wants to help, is welcome to join in. New work is going onto
> HEAD only (IOW, it's not being backported to the current live setup, or
> the now in maintenance mode categories setup.) 

Ummm...is the categories setup going to go live at some point, or is it a 
dead end?  Are we just going ahead with HEAD, or what?  I thought the "new" 
setup (categories) was first slated for release with 1.3.4, then with 
1.3.5, but now I'm just confused.

If we DO plan for categories setup to become live, what needs to happen 
with for it to do so, so that we can lift the packages moratorium?

I built setup a day or so ago, and it seemed to work okay as far as I was 
concerned; no problems with packages that had been previously installed but 
  no don't exist in setup.ini...

I know of the following packages that are awaiting the end of the moratorium:

mktemp (me)
sharutils (Corinna)
autoconf (scripts)
automake (scripts)

(I know I am forgetting a LOT of stuff that's been mentioned by others on 
the list over the past 5? months since the moratorium went into effect...)


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