reinstall downloads

Brian Keener
Fri Nov 2 15:55:00 GMT 2001

Robert Collins wrote:
> Cool. Anyone else have input on this? I like the ability to redownload
> the file, and the 'download only' option IMO is correct to do that, not
> the 'install from net' option. So I'll make this change pending further
> feedback.

My thought was that on a download only there should be a redownload option but 
not a reinstall option - (obvious here).  On an install from local directory 
there should be reinstall and not a redownload (pretty obvious here to) and on 
the install from internet I should be doing a redownload to my local cache and 
then install from my local cache.  If I only wanted to install from my local 
cache - why would I not select install from local directory instead of install 
from internet?

Ie - I agree with Earnie


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