whats left before releasing setup?

Brian Keener bkeener@thesoftwaresource.com
Fri Nov 2 15:55:00 GMT 2001

Robert Collins wrote:
> The root dialog for non-download only modes should come before the
> package cache selection, so the only time that last-cache lives where
> setup is should be
> "if there is no root (download from internet only and never installed)".


> For this I suggest that the read-last-cache routine tries
> * if there is a root, look for /etc/setup/last-cache
> if that fails (no root, or no file)
> * look for last-cache in the setup location.

Actually my point was that there should only be one last-cache on a normal 
system and if I do a Download only on a fresh system (no root) then last-cache 
will reside with setup.  I then later go to the install from local directory 
which finds the last-cache in setups directory because there was not root at 
download only time.  But I am now creating/created a root because I am 
installing from local directory - the last-cache in setups directory needs to 
be removed and a new one created in {root}/etc/setup or the file needs to be 
moved from one to the other.

> > I am going out of town for the weekend this afternoon and have client
> work this
> > morning (don't you just hate having to do that stuff) - so it will be
> the first
> > of the week before I can finish.
> Could you drop your work-in-progress in? I'm happy to add that last
> check and put the whole lot in...

Was already gone by the time you sent this - sorry.  I wouldn't have had time 
to send it anyways.

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