reinstall downloads

Robert Collins
Fri Nov 2 16:55:00 GMT 2001

Earnie: I'm answering your point in here too, I think.

Reinstall is an option for installed packages. We agree on it's
behaviour for local and download only modes, just not the install from
internet mode.

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> Robert Collins wrote:
> > Cool. Anyone else have input on this? I like the ability to
> > the file, and the 'download only' option IMO is correct to do that,
> > the 'install from net' option. So I'll make this change pending
> > feedback.
> My thought was that on a download only there should be a redownload
option but
> not a reinstall option - (obvious here).

Which there is and I agree with.

> On an install from local directory
> there should be reinstall and not a redownload (pretty obvious here


> and on
> the install from internet I should be doing a redownload to my local
cache and
> then install from my local cache.

Why? Thats inconsistent with setup's other behaviour.
1) run setup, download only, download everything. Lets say there are 3
new packages.
2) run setup, choose install from internet, choose the new versions of
those 3 packages.
3) Setup *does not* download them again.

So redownloading the tarball for a currently installed package is an
exception to the rule. Setup should redownload *every* tarball to be
consistent, or not redownload the tarball.

> If I only wanted to install from my local
> cache - why would I not select install from local directory instead of
> from internet?

Because you want to get any new versions of other packages at the same

I'm not objecting to being able to redownload+install in one hit, but it
needs to be an explicit choice IMO. I.e. a tick box on the choose
screen, only present for internet downloads, that reads "when
reinstalling, download the packages even if they are cached locally".

IMO the redownload is redundant because we can verify the packages
MD5.sum if they are already in the cache to ensure that they were
downloaded correctly.


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