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Larry Hall (RFK Partners, Inc) lhall@rfk.com
Fri Nov 2 17:51:00 GMT 2001

At 08:29 PM 11/12/2001, Robert Collins wrote:
>The standard gnu indent is doing horrible things..
>@@ -97,7 +102,8 @@ auth_retry:
>        if (code < 200 || code >= 300)
>         {
>-         delete c;
>+         delete
>+           c;
>           return;
>         }
>Now, I'm of the opinion that second guessing your indent tool is a waste
>of time - may as well not have one.
>However, I'm quite happy to use a different indent tool, that stays with
>GNU indenting rules, but understands c++ well enough not to do the sort
>of idiocy show above.
>I don't have the time to research a replacement just now, or to fix
>indent itself, and it's a low priority - indent is consistent in what it
>does, not random, so diffs should be small from now on in.
>If someone here can suggest a better indent.. I'll take a look.
>Alternatively (preferred actually, but I don't wish to impinge on other
>folks time) if someone wanted to hack indent to be c++ aware (ideally
>including making things like headers with
>#ifdef __cplusplus
>extern "C" {
>not indent the exported stuff.. that would be great.

There was a discussion on the main Cygwin list about alternatives to 
indent (for C++) some time ago.  A number of possibilities were brought
up.  Unfortunately, I can only find the thread that makes mention of 
the one alternative I had (bcpp).  The thread in question is 
"indent-2.2.5 and ed-0.2".  Not sure where all the good pointers were
that I recall (or maybe I'm just hearing voices in my head... ;-) )

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