CVS and cygwin1.dll v1.3.4-4: Can not set CVSROOT to :local: repository now ?! ...

Pavel Tsekov
Fri Nov 2 21:20:00 GMT 2001

Alexei Lioubimov wrote:

> $export CVSROOT=:local:/cygdrive/c/usr/local/cvs
> cvs co some_module
> ' is missing '='ntax error in /cygdrive/c/usr/local/cvs/config: line '
> For some reasons i don't want to move the repository under cygwin's root
> (for example to c:\cygwin\usr\local\cvs).
> Can anybody suggest the workaround?

What happens if you issue "cd /cygdrive/c/usr/local/cvs" on the bash
command line ?

Do you try to run the cvs command from bash prompt (cygwin environment)
or from cmd.exe / prompt ?

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