setup.exe suggestions

Brian Keener
Sun Nov 4 08:42:00 GMT 2001

>> CGF> - Don't ask about the start menu or desktop options if they already
>> exist
>> And regardless of whether they exist: don't ask again if I initially
>> chose NOT to add them (or, provide a option that essentially says "don't
>> add these options and don't ask me again). There may actually be some
>> people who don't want one or the other (desktops and start menus can get
>> quite cluttered...)

> I actually thought about this but I don't think that you can safely assume
> that the fact that answered "No" once means that you will answer "No" every
> time.  Maybe adding an additional button like "Don't ask this question > 
> Would be ok but I hate to complicate the interface any further.

As a followup on this as well - why couldn't we simply use a check based on if 
the root_dir existed at the beginning of the installation - if there was a 
root_dir then the default for setting the icons is No (unchecked) since the 
user would have been previously asked.  If there is no root_dir at the 
beginning and we are doing an install then the defualt for the icons will be 
Yes (checked).  Basing it on the root_dir for the default setting is probably 
the better way since they may have moved the links - as I do or simply not want 
to use them.


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