It's official -- package moratorium lifted

Robert Collins
Mon Nov 5 14:32:00 GMT 2001

Let me butt in here....
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From: "Christopher Faylor" <>

> Robert has agreed.  The moratorium is lifted.
> There was much rejoicing.

Much!! :].

> So, for a package submission, please send the name of the package, the
> rationale for including it, and a URL where we can retrieve the
> for inspection.
> If you can't provide a URL then I guess you can send the package to
> and I'll put it in a holding area on  But, I'd
> *really* prefer a URL.

If you're really up for this - it's fine. IMO though, there are plenty
of free home page sites available. No one should _ever_ be unable to
provide us with a URL.

> Oh, and please provide a setup.hint entry, too.  Ideally, the

s/please/you must/

> binary, and source packages should all be in the same directory,
> via http or ftp.


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