Apps maintainer -- do you want your name/email address in a public place

Christopher Faylor
Mon Nov 5 16:11:00 GMT 2001

I've been having a private email discussion with Robert about maintaining
a list of maintainers.

Right now the list is sort of in my head and, of course, I'm not doing a
very good job of maintaining it.

I suggested to Robert that we should have a private list somewhere where
people maintaining the setup infrastructure could access it.

Robert suggested adding a field to setup.hint which would never show up
in setup.ini, like: 'Maintainer".

I sort of like that idea but it means some work for the maintainers

So, we've also been discussing that the list could be public.  I'm
certain that if the list was public it would be consistently abused --
people would be sending me private questions about groff, for instance.
This is why I've always been adamant about not making this info public.

Now, of course, you could put words on the list like "Do not contact
these people for help, use the mailing list instead" but my experience
with the cygwin to-do list perfectly illustrates that this will be
consistently ignored.

However, I was wondering what others think about this.  Is this an issue
for you?  Not an issue?  No opinion?


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