[FYI] file conflicts in recent Cygwin packages (see syscheck.log)

Stipe Tolj tolj@wapme-systems.de
Mon Nov 5 17:01:00 GMT 2001

> > who is going to advice the package maintainers to check for these file
> > conflicts?!
> Well if we can lint the packages at upload time, I guess Chris will get
> the failure message (Chris, I'm happy to be copied on that if you want).
> Otherwise, I think you(Stipe)'ll have to do it for now.

I would like to do so. Is there any reference who (i.e. which person)
is responsible for which package?!

Maybe an database would help here to keep track of maintainers for
certain packages and even more for "bug reporting" concerning the
single packages. The maintainer would have the chance to see if users
have notices problems with her/his package and react to realease a new

> Do you mean that if one package is dependent on another, you will
> announce the conflict, and if they are not you won't?

The file conflict is currently always announced. Semanticaly a file
conflict between related (dependable) packages is less worse than a
file conflict between unrelated packages. We assume that a usage of a
specific file between two unrelated packages has more potential for
problems. I guess this is obvious.

> Yes, sort of, see "package naming". I don't see that we need to enforce
> one or other compression format right now.

this is true -- I'm only peaking on packages that become really big,
like the xfree86 packages or others. bzip2 is noticable better here.


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