RFP (request for package) GNU indent

Gareth Pearce tilps@hotmail.com
Mon Nov 5 20:31:00 GMT 2001

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From: "Gerrit P. Haase" <freeweb@nyckelpiga.de>
To: "Gareth Pearce" <tilps@hotmail.com>
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> Hallo Gareth,
> 2001-11-14 22:34:03, du schriebst:
> > If you both are, flip a coin or something. I really don't care who is
> > the maintainer. Discuss it privately. Get back to the list with an
> > answer.
> > Until then I'm not going to waste time looking at either set of
> > tarballs.
> Oki doki, Robert has spoken;)
indeed he has
> Well, I don't mind to *not* maintain the package, take a look at my
> package please:
> http://timtowtdi.topcities.com/cygwin/indent/ if it is still there.
> Take it or leave it or pack up a second one, basically yours is ok,
> but the 'dir' file must go and a postinstall script is nice too.

my reasons for packaging up indent was as practice mainly ... discover what
things I got wrong so that the package that I really would like to maintain
(nano) I would have better luck getting it done - ident is completely OOTB
depends on nothing ... so it looked like an ideal target for a first go...
and indeed i have learned a few things... like no dir files in the
distribution ;) - so now I dont really care at all so long as i find out
exactly the post-install script is supposed to be done - should of
remembered to put that question in my post this morning ... but i was too
sleepy... same reason why i didnt write a setup.hint...
But your job looks better done, and if your willing to maintain it then I
would say go for it ... I will get to work packaging up nano - which
ofcourse was my original aim.


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