Apps maintainer -- do you want your name/email address in a public place

Christopher Faylor
Tue Nov 6 04:45:00 GMT 2001

On Thu, Nov 15, 2001 at 11:44:38AM +1100, Robert Collins wrote:
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>Sent: Thursday, November 15, 2001 10:45 AM
>Subject: Re: Apps maintainer -- do you want your name/email address in a
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>> On Wed, Nov 14, 2001 at 06:33:24PM -0500, Charles Wilson wrote:
>> >Lapo Luchini wrote:
>> >>
>> >> > Maintainer: Robert Collins <>
>> >>
>> >> That's quite a good idea!
>> >> "contact me, but please contact me there"... nice message =)
>> >> I agree on (this form of) "non-public".
>> >
>> >Yeah, this is okay.  But should it be cygwin-apps?
>> Dunno.  cygwin-apps wasn't really intended for bug reports but we
>> could always change that.
>I was thinking of setup itself... for other packages,
>, mysql-cygwin@mysql.ab etc may be appropriate - ie for
>squid I would put
>Robert Collins <>
>If we are just going to push everything via, I see no
>point having a 'email' field.

I guess it would be up to the package maintainer to suggest what the
appropriate mail address would be.  I'm not sure that I'd be happy
seeing cygwin users cropping up in

However, I think that in the majority of cases cygwin@cygwin is the
correct place to post bugs.  It's like in the gcc mailing list when
someone reports a problem with gcc 2.96.47 from Red Hat 7.2.  The
response is always "Talk to Red Hat".


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