choices (nano)

Gareth Pearce
Tue Nov 6 10:50:00 GMT 2001


Seems my experiences with nano not compiling OOTB are somewhat less then I
was expecting ... I guess the stable branch really is more stable then CVS
... :P

however I do have one problem - or possibly a choice -
it will compile and work fine straight away if i configure
with --with-included-gettext
however this seems sort of unnescery since gettext is part of cygwin, it
also makes the final package a little bigger.
Without included-gettext I get linker problems which are the result of
configure generating a makefile which does not have -lintl in its libs list.
It checks for whether it needs -lintl says yes twice and then doesnt
generate a makefile that uses it.
 I could manually 'hack' the so that it uses -lintl, but thats
messy, and is certainly not a patch I could send back upstream.  So I
therefore tried to understand which sent me to aclocal.m4 in
which I found the code which I think is supposed to do the job.  Found some
m4 code which looks really dodgy (nested AC_CHECK_LIB for same library) -
but my knowledge of m4 is purely pick it up as I read it ... and certainly
not 'fix' it yet.

1. with-included-gettext
2. dodgy hack which I will fix up later when I understand m4 ...
3. wait ... probably a while until I understand m4 before releasing the
first version...

I am inclinded to go with no 2. but I am new at this game so I thought some
experience might rain down on me if I posted this up.

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