choices (nano)

Gerrit P. Haase
Tue Nov 6 14:29:00 GMT 2001

Hallo Gareth,

2001-11-15 12:43:29, du schriebst:

> Hi

> Seems my experiences with nano not compiling OOTB are somewhat less then I
> was expecting ... I guess the stable branch really is more stable then CVS
> ... :P
Since it is no library where changes in the API make problems for the
applications that use it, I think it is not so critical if it is stable.
It should work as expected for this app.

> however I do have one problem - or possibly a choice -
> it will compile and work fine straight away if i configure
> with --with-included-gettext
>  I could manually 'hack' the so that it uses -lintl, but thats
> messy, and is certainly not a patch I could send back upstream.  So I

What about:
LIBS=-lintl ./configure --prefix=...

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