choices (nano)

Gareth Pearce
Tue Nov 6 16:09:00 GMT 2001

> > Seems my experiences with nano not compiling OOTB are somewhat less then
> > was expecting ... I guess the stable branch really is more stable then
> > ... :P
> Since it is no library where changes in the API make problems for the
> applications that use it, I think it is not so critical if it is stable.
> It should work as expected for this app.
I might investigate porting the CVS maybe ... but probably not. Its what I
run on my machine ... but I dont think everyones going to be begging for the
new features in the CVS just yet...
The CVS would sort of need patching
> >  I could manually 'hack' the so that it uses -lintl, but
> > messy, and is certainly not a patch I could send back upstream.  So I
> What about:
> LIBS=-lintl ./configure --prefix=...
> ?

umm that works... - the ./configure contains sed thingies which
replace -lintl with blank in LIBS ... which I thought was what was causing
the problem in the first place... but I guess that rules that out... -
unless sed s/-lintl// only replaces one occurence... hmmm i really should
learn some of these things sometime...

guess I might try that next time - but think I will leave it as is for the
moment. - unless I need to make a significant amount of change to make it
acceptable anyway ...


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