RFP (request for package) GNU indent

Gerrit P. Haase freeweb@nyckelpiga.de
Tue Nov 6 16:50:00 GMT 2001

Hallo Gareth, Robert,

2001-11-15 17:50:37, du schriebst:

> O.k. Robert would you please fetch my indent package for review/lint?

> I just looked at this minute, they are still up here:
> http://timtowtdi.topcities.com/cygwin/indent

The patched version is up now, would you please have a look if it is ok?
Now every file is written in the same mode as the underlying mount is.
That means, open a texmode file and write it to a binmode mount will
convert this to a binmode file and vice versa, no problems if the file
is already in the sam mode as the mount.


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