[RFP] cURL (was: It's official -- package moratorium lifted)

Gerrit P. Haase freeweb@nyckelpiga.de
Tue Nov 6 21:22:00 GMT 2001

Hallo Kevin,

2001-11-15 18:29:27, du schriebst:

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> From: Gerrit P. Haase [mailto:freeweb@nyckelpiga.de]
>> category: Web Net Libs
>> requires: openssl
>              ^^^^^^^
>              There should be mentioned cygwin too.

> Seriously? Isn't cygwin kind of an obvious requirement? 

I'm not sure.  Someone might think: "Wow, curl, I always wanted this pack,
lets install it." and he installs this and nothing else.  But cygwin1.dll is
missing then and it will not work.
Well here is openssl which would pull in cygwin too,
@ openssl
sdesc: "The OpenSSL toolkit"
category: Libs Net
requires: ash cygwin

BTW there are no dll's
that come with ssl, is it needed for runtime or is it needed to build it?

> Not that I have any objection to having that in there... This may be a
> good addition to /setup.html, along with the reason behing having that
> in there.

> Also, WRT my choice of categories; I listed Web because curl is an http
> client; I listed Net because it's also talks FTP/TELNET/etc; and I
> listed Libs because it includes libcurl (cygcurl2.dll). Is Libs
> reasonable, considering that libcurl and curl.exe aren't packaged
> separately? Also, is listing under BOTH Web and Net OK, or should it
> just be one or the other?

Hmmm, in that case it should be the same as wget plus Libs.
Wget is:
requires: openssl gettext ash  <---Oops?
category: Web

though you can pull from ftp too.

> (as an aside, while looking at the other packages already in these
> categories, I noticed squid is under Net, but unless I missed something,
> squid is more of a web tool...)

> (as another aside, could setup.exe be modified to display an "sdesc"
> field for each category? so that the main list of categories includes
> short descriptions of the kind of packages found under each one?)

Looks like that Net and Web are a little bit mixed up.

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