compface package

Jochen Küpper
Wed Nov 7 21:59:00 GMT 2001

I'm submitting the compface package for cygwin inclusion. Hope that
works out. I'll maintain it (in case that it really needs any
attention for this package:)

binary and source can be found at

setup.hint is
@ compface
sdesc: Conversion utilitities for face graphics
ldesc: "The program (two programmes really - but they're just links to each
other) converts 48x48x1 images to and from a compressed format.  The
uncompressed images are expected to contain 48x48/4 (576) hex digits.
All other characters and any `0's followed by `X' or `x' are ignored.
Usually the files are 48 lines of "0x%04X,0x%04X,0x%04X,".  The
compressed images contain some number of printable characters.  Non
printable characters, including ` ' are ignored.  The purpose of the
programme is to allow the inclusion of face images within mail headers
using the field name `X-face: '.

The programmes make use of a library which can be used to allow the
compression and decompression algorithms to be used in other
programmes such as mail dispatchers and mail notification daemons."
test: 1.4-2
category: Mail Libs Utils
requires: cygwin

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