[RFP] cURL (was: It's official -- package moratorium lifted)

Robert Collins robert.collins@itdomain.com.au
Fri Nov 9 07:13:00 GMT 2001

Cygwin is not an obvious requirement, not all cygwin distributed
binaries are cygwin linked.

Your categories were fine IMO.

Listing in both Web and Net is ok, if thats what your package does.

sdescs for categories added to the wishlist.

As for squid, I think that snuck in from somewhere. I'll update it's
setup.hint next time I'm uploading stuff to sources.

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From: "Roth, Kevin P." <KPRoth@MarathonOil.com>
Not that I have any objection to having that in there... This may be a
good addition to /setup.html, along with the reason behing having that
in there.
(as an aside, while looking at the other packages already in these
categories, I noticed squid is under Net, but unless I missed something,
squid is more of a web tool...)
(as another aside, could setup.exe be modified to display an "sdesc"
field for each category? so that the main list of categories includes
short descriptions of the kind of packages found under each one?)

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