compface package

Gerrit P. Haase
Sat Nov 10 20:38:00 GMT 2001

Hallo Robert,

2001-11-16 18:49:09, du schriebst:

>>> Thank you. I've no objection to this: does any other maintainer have an
>>> objection to compface being a package?
>> $ tar xvjf compface-1.4-2.src.tar.bz2
>> usr/src/
>> usr/src/compface-1.4/
>> Shouldn't it extract in just compface-1.4-x ?

> Yes. I haven't actually looked at the tarballs yet...( I couldn't access
> them). Anyway, I take it you don't object to compface per se?

No, why should I?   I think this is an interesting tool. Look:
it allows to include a picture of your face in your mailheaders;)

BTW, have you already fetched the fixed indent package?

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