patches to vendor source trees - discussion

Charles Wilson
Sat Nov 10 21:08:00 GMT 2001

Gareth Pearce wrote:

> As a not a maintainer quite yet - Might put my comment forth anyway...
> I am closer to favouring 1 then 3 ... and not 2 ...
> but neither is how I would naturally think of things... - thats assuming
> that the package is called cygwin that is being talked about in #1
> #4 - which is like #1 other then difference stated.

Nope.  cygwin/ is a standin for redhat/

Like, srpm's get installed into /usr/src/redhat/SOURCES/ on Red Hat Linux 
(regardless of what package -- libpng, ssh, whatever -- we're talking 
about).  They ALL go in /usr/src/redhat/SOURCES/

On Mandrake, that's /usr/src/rpm/SOURCES/

So, we're cygwin:  /usr/src/cygwin/SOURCES/

> -src tarball contains
>         cygwin/<pristine tarball, without renaming or repacking>
>         cygwin/<patchfile>
>         (possibly other stuff in cygwin/, if necessary - post install
> scripts come to mind)
>         cygwin/<build script or makefile>
>      newly generated bin tarballs placed in cygwin/BUILT
>      newly generated src tarballs placed in cygwin/BUILT
> The process of building would probably require the construction of some
> other directories, build scripts choice and also its perogative to clean
> them up - and yes its sort of sounding rather makefileish ... that way you
> can just patch ths source only ... or patch and compile ... or patch compile
> package-bin ... or patch compile install[-strip] and finally clean
> Not sure what the point of generating src tarballs is... but I left that
> there...
> I personally think that 3 files in one directory isnt getting too crowded...
> and that all the extra directorys seem like overkill.
> Then again - I also dont care about things looking like RPM or pkg
> formats...

Most of these comments ^^^ seem to be based on the misconception that there 
would be oodles of SOURCES, BUILD etc directories -- one for each unpacked 
-src.  Not so.  Like this:

/usr/src/cygwin/SOURCES/tiff-ver.tar.bz2 (pristine)
/usr/src/cygwin/SOURCES/ssh-ver.tar.bz2  (pristine)


/usr/src/tiff/SOURCES/tiff-ver.tar.bz2 (pristine)
/usr/src/ssh/SOURCES/ssh-ver.tar.bz2  (pristine)

> <snip the lot>
> if I appear to have no clue ... thats understandable ;)
> Anyway about it I can see that I am actually going to have to write proper
> patches - rather then just keeping a copy of hacked files :P - all for the
> best though...

Hopefully, once "we" reach a decision, there will be some nice example 
scripts for handy patch creation, -src packaging, etc.  (Take a good look 
at the .sh files at the URL posted earlier).  Just modify to suit.


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