patches to vendor source trees - discussion

Gareth Pearce
Sat Nov 10 21:19:00 GMT 2001

> Gareth Pearce wrote:
> > As a not a maintainer quite yet - Might put my comment forth anyway...
> >
> > I am closer to favouring 1 then 3 ... and not 2 ...
> > but neither is how I would naturally think of things... - thats assuming
> > that the package is called cygwin that is being talked about in #1
> > #4 - which is like #1 other then difference stated.
> Nope.  cygwin/ is a standin for redhat/

ahh ... then change my suggested to cygwin being the name of the package. -
and I dont like either 1 or 3 all that much in that case... - ofcourse i can
live with either ...
my thoughts are
1 is directory deep - and crowded in a file sense
3 is similarly crowded in a filesense
my way is sort of deep(similarly deep to 1 if installed in usr/src/cygwin
instead of usr/src) ... but not crowded in a file sense... - only a
directory sense
having pristine tarball and patch + other things ... for every package ...
in one directory ... seems way too much file crowding... Personal opinion is
that file crowding is a Lot worse then directory crowding.

#4 (mark 2)
thus i say the following
 -src tarball contains
         <pkgname>/<pristine tarball, without renaming or repacking>
         (possibly other stuff in <pkgname>/, if necessary - post install
scripts come to mind)
         <pkgname>/<build script or makefile>
      newly generated bin tarballs placed in <pkgname>/BUILT
      newly generated src tarballs placed in <pkgname>/BUILT

unpacked into usr/src or usr/src/cygwin/ - whichever ... doesnt matter much
from my view.
if it was usr/local/src then definitely cygwin/ ... but since its not ... I
wouldnt care.
> Most of these comments ^^^ seem to be based on the misconception that
> would be oodles of SOURCES, BUILD etc directories -- one for each unpacked
> -src.  Not so.  Like this:

yeap ... I can see that now - but I dont like that way either.

*shrug* I will live whatever way gets decided ... but 1 2 and 3 all just
seem ... wrong ... to my naive mind.

Maybe I can at least give another option for both of you to agree on not
likeing ;)


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