compface package

Robert Collins
Sun Nov 11 17:45:00 GMT 2001

Oh, and ...

1) The -src extension should be like that, not like .src.
2) Theres no CYGWIN-PATCHES directory in the source archive. (this
should contain the cygwin specific README from the binary, any patches
needed to build compface correctly, and enough information to recreate
the binary and source packages. (Just note form is ok,). The absence of
the readme from the source is a showstopper.
3) I note that there is no .dll, this is fine, but it's also something
you might consider for future releases.

If you can give me a new setup.hint without the xtra "'s, and address 2)
above. I'll upload to for you.

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> You have embedded quotes in your setup.hint:
> @ compface
> sdesc: Conversion utilitities for face graphics
> ldesc: "The program (two programmes really - but they're just links to
> each
> other) converts 48x48x1 images to and from a compressed format.  The
> uncompressed images are expected to contain 48x48/4 (576) hex digits.
> All other characters and any `0's followed by `X' or `x' are ignored.
> Usually the files are 48 lines of "0x%04X,0x%04X,0x%04X,".  The
>                                   ^                     ^
> I'm pretty sure this will make upset and or setup.exe barf. I'm not
> whether \ escaping will work either.
> Rob

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